Postsecondary Transition SIS

Arizota Postsecondary Transition Group


The purpose of the Postsecondary Transition Special Interest Section is to promote best practices for occupational therapists who provide postsecondary transition services in Arizona. The Postsecondary Transition SIS will promote continuing education, research, publications, and serve as a collaborative resource to Arizota. The SIS will respond to emerging issues as they relate to postsecondary transition.


The mission of Arizota’s Postsecondary Transition Specialty Interest Section is to establish collaborative coalitions and mentorship opportunities for occupational therapists in an effort to promote improved successful transitions for individuals with disabilities to postsecondary arenas including gainful employment; education and training; and independent living.

Transition Resources

AOTA The AOTA Transitions Community of Practice

Explores key transitions in development and the essential bridge that occupational therapy can be to support successful movement across contexts. This CoP is housed under the Developmental Disabilities Special Interest Section. Training Resourcebackground

AOTA Supporting Transitions from K-12 to Adulthood Micro Credential Badge

What is a micro credential? 
A micro credential is issued upon completion of a set of required thematically connected courses. The micro credential provides acknowledgement of the growing knowledge of the practitioner and can either be completed as a step to the professional certificate as stated above or completed for its own merits without advancement to a certificate—it is considered a stand-alone designation.

 Required Courses are:

  1. Transitioning to Independent or Supported Living
  2. Transitioning to Independent or Supported Health Management
  3. The Importance of Leisure and Social Participation to Adolescents
  4. K-12 Youth: Transitioning to The Role of Worker
  5. Transitioning to Postsecondary Education
  6. Transitioning to Driving and Community Mobility

AZCoPT The Arizona Community of Practice on Transition

The AZCoPT team meets regularly to collaborate, develop, and coordinate transition services, professional development, and resources related to improving the transition experience for youth who have disabilities. OTs can join their Local Community of Practice on Transition LCoPT

Arizona’s Transition Resource Guide


ADE The Arizona Department of Education

The ADE Secondary Transition Team offers Secondary Transition 101, a free, self-paced, online course that covers a range of useful topics and resources related to transition planning. Secondary Transition 101 Online Course

ADE Occupational Therapy as a related service provider (ADE Technical Guide) OT-PT-AZ-TAS Document


AZ APSE The Arizona Association of People Supporting Employment First

APSE is a national membership organization focused exclusively on Employment First to facilitate the full inclusion of people with disabilities, including significant disabilities, in the workplace and community. Resource Page