School Event Marketing – $50 Per Posting


Event marketing for a non-ArizOTA sponsored school event will be included in one email and one social media post.

Length of Posting:

From posting date until event date.

Payment for ArizOTA School Event Marketing Request

ArizOTA School Event Marketing Request

(e.g. March pediatric SIS meeting, 2/23/2021 CMS news, 2021 Fall Conference call for papers, etc.)

I verify that I have reviewed the ArizOTA Event Calendar and my event date does not conflict with another scheduled event.

If you have more than 1 deadline, please describe your expectations clearly. SIS events are typically marketed 1-2 weeks in advance of event date, depending on that month's number of requests.

If yes, we will reach out to you to coordinate.

If yes, we will share additional steps to take to ensure your event meets CEU requirements.

Moderator Information

This is the person who is responsible for overseeing the event the day of (e.g. could be the Speaker, Committee/SIS rep).

The Moderator will receive instructions for hosting the meeting at least three days in advance.

Include date, time, cost, sign-up link, etc.

Images, flyers, documents, etc.

Contact Information

Who should we contact with questions?

In case we have an urgent question.

Total Amount
Discount Amount
Gross Amount
Payment method
Credit Card Number*
Expiration Date*
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