AOTA Statement on Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 (BCRA)

The Arizona Occupational Therapy Association would like to share with its members an update from AOTA regarding federal legislation that has potential negative impact for occupational therapy services in Arizona. "AOTA believes that certain provisions of the BCRA would jeopardize sources of funding and guarantees of coverage for occupational therapy services that help people across the lifespan achieve health, functioning, and independence. The plan to restructure the Medicaid program goes much farther than repealing and replacing the health care reform law enacted in 2010. By changing Medicaid from an open-ended guarantee to a capped or block granted program, the BCRA has the potential to affect millions of children, adults with serious disabilities, people receiving home and community based services, seniors in nursing homes, and kids getting therapy services in schools.

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March 11th Federal Update on the ACA

Comparison of Affordable Care Act and American Health Care Act:

Federal Legislative Update

One of the many advantages to being a member of ArizOTA and AOTA includes legislative advocacy at both the State and National Levels. ArizOTA and AOTA work to ensure that Occupational Therapy is represented and protected in the legislature.

In April of 2014, the ArizOTA President, the ArizOTA Legislative Committee Chair, and fellow Occupational Therapists (pictured below) visited Capitol Hill to advocate for Occupational Therapy on our behalf.

For up to date information regarding the federal issues AOTA is working on to promote and defend occupational therapy, or to send a message to Congress, visit the AOTA Legislative Action Center:

OTs Reporting G-Codes Under Medicare Part B: Quick Survey from AOTA

The American Occupational Therapy Association continues to work with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on the issue of Outpatient Functional Data (G-codes) under Medicare Part B.

Help AOTA understand how you are using G-codes in practice so they can work with CMS to refine and improve the process by taking a one question survey, created by AOTA:

Find AOTA resources on G-Codes here:

ArizOTA would like to thank you for your time and contribution with assisting AOTA in this G-Code Survey.

Jodi Lindstrom, OTR/L, CEAC
ArizOTA President