ArizOTA Administrative Assistant Hot

3 Years +
$ 17 - 19 Hourly


Occupational Therapist
Associate Degree
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Job Description


Contractor will provide the following Consulting Services for Association:

  • Organizational administrative services, such as maintaining Openphone phone line and email account.

    • Return phone messages/texts/emails from Association Board Members within 2 business days

  • Pick up mail from P.O. box as needed, using ipostal1 account to schedule pickup/forwarded incoming email.

    • Electronically process checks through bank website within 2 business days of retrieval.

  • Membership Services/Website

    • Will work alongside web designer Tom Stark to help manage member accounts and occasionally make minor updates to the website, which include: editing webpages with updated information, uploading research survey information for practitioners to access, and assisting with continuing education and banner ads as needed.

  • New Board Members

    • At start of new fiscal year, set ArizOTA email accounts to forward to new board member email addresses and grant access to Google Drive folder and calendar.

  • Practitioner questions

    • Both members and non-members will often reach out via email, phone or text inquiring about practice-related questions. These questions and the inquiring practitioner’s contact info can be forwarded to the Association’s 1-Year Board members to research and respond back to the practitioner.

  • Square

    • In conjunction with ArizOTA Treasurer, process invoices and refunds as needed.

  • CEU Events

    • Jotform and Eventbrite are used to house all registration forms; several of the Jotforms need to be regularly checked to view recent submissions for upcoming CEU events, most Special Interest Section (SIS)-related.

    • For each event:

      • Meeting is created in Zoom.

      • Event page is created in Eventbrite, where registration information is monitored.

      • Email is sent in Mailchimp, usually in weekly newsletter format.

      • CEUs are processed and emailed within 3 weeks following event date.

        • Membership registration is verified by comparing data from a Zoom Meeting/ Attendee report with website membership list.

        • If membership is current and attendee registered at free or reduced member price, certificate is processed. If membership is not current but registered at member rate, each attendee is asked if they want to join as a member or pay non-member fee in order to receive CEU.

        • Certificated are edited using a template in pdf format.

  • Board Meetings

    • Emails information/reminders to Board for quarterly meetings. Creates Google Drive folder for Board to submit documents for meetings.

  • Emails

    • Regularly create and send emails to ArizOTA members and/or state practitioners as needed using Mailchimp platform. Email content can include but is not limited to: board updates, legislative updates, CEU event information, weekly/monthly newsletters, and various other marketing information.

    • Email content can be created using Canva or recycling previous email templates within Mailchimp.

    • Work in conjunction with ArizOTA intern(s) that oversees social media marketing.

  • Conference duties

    • Maintain registration and serve as one of the main points of contact for conference attendees and sponsoring vendors. Also oversees registration and serves as one of several main points of contact on-site at fall conference.

  • Will perform additional duties as assigned.+

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